Family Portraits

Gather your family for a memorable photo-shoot 

Booking Your FREE Family Portrait Session

While we’re in town taking school portraits, we can also be booked to take photographs of your family or friends. We advertise our available dates through local stores, radio stations, and schools, so keep a look out. 

What To Expect

During each family portrait session, our photographer will take a variety of images of your family in various poses. These portraits will be shipped to your community and will be ready for purchase in a few weeks. 

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Family posing on fence
Portrait of two children in studio
Portrait of 3 children posing in studio
Parents and baby outside
Parents and baby posing in studio
Portrait of 3 little girls in studio


What To Wear 

We encourage all families and friends to dress in outfits that make them feel confident, happy, and most like themselves. We do have a few tips to help ensure great results:

  • Coordinate your clothing colours so that no one member of the family stands out.

  • Dress in rich or dark tones, solid colours or tiny prints. Avoid bright colours (including green and yellow).

  • Graphics on shirts can be distracting and it’s best to avoid them.

  • Some families choose to colour coordinate their outfits or to dress up for a holiday photo-shoot. 

  • Make sure that the children’s hair is well groomed and that their faces are clean. (We recommend that you bring a hairbrush and damp wipes for a quick freshening at the camera!)

  • If you have young children, plan to arrive several hours before their nap or bedtime to help ensure a smoother and happier family portrait session. Bring a toy to keep your child entertained while you prepare for the photo session.

Ultimately, your outfit choices are yours to decide. Just don’t forget to bring your smiles! 

Ordering Additional Images

Family portraits cannot be ordered online at this time. Should you wish to order additional copies of your images, no matter how long ago they were taken, please call us or print and mail an Order Form to our team. We offer a variety of backgrounds for family portraits

For more information, please contact us today by calling 905-939-0530
or toll free at 1-800-263-0946.

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