Yearbooks FAQ

Cover Setup

May we design our own yearbook cover? 

Custom covers for spring yearbooks MUST be submitted before February 7 on all books shipping before June 30. For fall delivery books (delivered by December 31), cover files must be submitted before August 1.  

May we print on the back cover? 

Only if you are creating a custom cover. Custom cover pricing includes printing on both the back and front covers of the yearbook. 

Formatting Your Images for Your Yearbook

Should my images be in RGB or CMYK colour mode? 

Only RGB images can be imported into the program. Grayscale images should be converted to RGB as well. 

Which file format should we use to save our images?

Our software accepts JPEG, TIFF, and PNG files only. JPEG files are recommended for candid photos because of the much smaller file size when compared with TIFF files. PNG files are recommended for clip art because PNG files can have a transparent background. 

At what resolution should I have my images? 

Every image should be 300 DPI at the actual size the image will appear in your book. Scanned pictures should also be scanned at 300 DPI at the actual size they will appear in your book.  

How do I know if my images are high resolution? 

Our software keeps track of the resolution of every image that has been placed on a page. When you click on an image, the resolution is displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

Can I open images in Photoshop and change the resolution to 300 DPI? 

Your images will still be blurry even if you force them into a higher resolution. You cannot add quality back in to an image where no quality existed previously. 

How should my images be named? 

You can name your images in any way that you see fit. The software will automatically rename any images if it needs to. There is no reason for you to rename your images. 

May we import images from a digital camera? 

Yes. You should have your camera set to between two and four megapixels so that images are the appropriate resolution. 

May we include a two-page spread in our yearbook? How should we submit it? What size works best? 

Yes, a two-page spread can be done directly through the program. A digital 11 x 17-inch photo at 300 DPI provides the best results. A 10 x 8 or 14 x 11-inch photo will also work, but will not be proportional to the page size and will leave a 1/2-inch margin on the top and bottom of each page. When creating your image, be sure to leave space in the centre for the gutter. To avoid empty space, make sure that you have ample space in the picture around the subject of your photograph that can be cropped out. 

Yearbook Submission

What process do we follow to get our book printed? 

Complete the export process as detailed in the manual. This will provide all of the necessary information to the publisher. If you have any questions or concerns about whether your yearbook was received properly, please contact us. 

Do we get to see a proof of our yearbook before it’s printed? 

No. The PDF file you download and review will be used as the proof to check the final pages. 

When will our yearbook ship? 

In as few as thirty business days after you submit your book files and they pass pre-flight, your books will be shipped. Allow up to ten business days for shipping. 

Portrait Flowing

The names on my portrait flows are not the way I want them. (Example: Harold instead of Harry, names all in upper case, etc.) 

To fix this, you will have to go to the Portraits menu, choose Edit Database, and make the changes you wish to make. Any changes that you make under the Edit Database screen will automatically be reflected on the portrait flows. You will not need to reflow the portraits. 

I have two classes that are flowing together. How do I get them to flow separately? 

To get two classes to flow separately, you will have to go to the Portraits menu and choose Edit Database. In this box, you will have to change every student in one of the groups to be another value. For example, if there are two kindergarten classes that are flowing together, you might consider changing one class to “Kindergarten AM” and the other to “Kindergarten PM”. 

I want to flow my portraits but the icon is not highlighted. 

First, make sure that you are not working on the cover. If you are not on the cover, the problem is that you do not have a database imported. If you import a database, you will then be able to flow portraits. 

Working With Images 

How do I delete candid photos from the yearbook? 

To delete a candid from the book entirely, go to the tab on the left-hand side that contains the candid. Right-click on the candid and choose Delete. 

How do I import multiple images at once? 

When selecting images, there are a few keyboard shortcuts to know that will allow you to import multiple images. First, by holding down the CTRL key, you can click on individual images to select them one at a time. By clicking on one image, then holding down the SHIFT key, you will select all items in the range between that image and the next that you click on. Finally, by pressing CTRL+A, you will select every item in the folder that you have open. 

I need to select an item that’s completely covered by another item (such as a portrait flow). What do I do? 

You can use the tab key on your keyboard to move between all the items on a page. If you are unable to select an item, simply press the tab key on your keyboard until the item you wish to select appears.

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