Family Portraits FAQ

Do I need to make an appointment to have my family portraits taken? 

Session appointments for our mobile studio are generally only used at school locations and some store locations. Please check window signs for details. If no appointment is required, then be sure to arrive early to avoid a long wait. Appointments are required for all private studio sessions at the main studio location. 

How much does it cost and do I have to pay when the photographs are taken? 

There is no charge for the sitting fee. It is free. You pay nothing at the time of the sitting. When the pictures come back you choose the photographs you want and only pay for the ones you want.  

Does it matter what my family wears? 

The only thing we recommend you not wear is green. We photograph using green screen technology and sometimes the clothing will disappear into the background. It is best to choose a couple of colours and choose clothes that will fit into this colour scheme. Select plain clothing as busy prints and graphic t-shirts are distracting. 

Can we include our dog in the Family Photos? 

Yes. Family pets are welcome to be photographed as part of the family but note that pets are not permitted if the sessions are held in a store selling groceries. 

Could I have our name printed on my portraits? 

Yes. Options such as text are available if they are prepaid to the photographer at the time of the photography session.  

Could I have my family portraits retouched? 

Yes. Options such as minor retouching of blemishes, rashes, cuts and scars may be made, if prepaid at the time of photography. We are now also able to do age reducing airbrushing and double chin removal as an additional service. You will be very pleased with the results! Call our Customer Service department for a quote.  

Where do I pick up my finished portraits? 

The finished family portraits will be delivered to the location indicated by the photographer. Keep a lookout for a sign in the local store or school. Feel free to contact Customer Service if you are not able to locate your portraits within five weeks of the photography date.  

Where are my portraits? I missed seeing them when they were in town. 

You may call our Customer Service department and we will locate them for you.  

How long do you keep the family portraits on file? 

We keep the images on file for two years, but are often able to locate older images from the archives if necessary. 

What do I do if my order is not correct? 

In the unlikely event that there is an error with your package, you may call our Customer Service department, and we will quickly attend to it.  

How do I order additional portraits? 

Additional portraits and products may be ordered by completing and submitting the re-order form with payment. If you wish to pay by credit card, you may place your order by phone or fax. If you wish to pay by money order or cheque, simply mail the payment to our Head Office. Please visit our contact page for our phone and fax numbers and our mailing address. 

If I place a re-order, do I have to pay a shipping charge?  

There are additional shipping costs related to each region. Additional charges may apply for certain products. Check the order form for specific details. Express shipping may also be ordered for an additional charge. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-263-0946 EXT 22

To learn more, call us toll-free at 1-800-263-0946.


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