Passport & ID Pictures

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Woman posing for passport photoWhen it comes to taking passport or ID photos, certain specifications are required. Below are just a few of these requirements:

  • The face must be in full view

  • The photo must have been taken in the last six months of a passport application

  • The background must be plain white

  • The image must be sized correctly

  • Facial expressions must be neutral

  • Both eyes must be open, etc. 

closed passport on top of open passport booklet

Our talented photographers are skilled in following proper procedures to ensure your images are captured correctly and professionally. We can provide portraits for passports, citizenship ID, VISA ID, permanent residence ID, First Nation ID, and Quebec Health Card ID’s.

We understand each of the requirements of local and national governments and it is our guarantee that your passport photo will abide by these regulations.

For more information, please contact us today by calling
905-939-0530 or toll free at 1-800-263-0946.

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