School & Preschool FAQ

How do I find out when Picture Day is? 

Your school will send a Picture Day Parent Letter home with each student to inform you of the date(s) for school photos along with instructions. 

What if my child missed Picture Day? 

Check with the school to see if the photographer is currently at another location in your town. If so, you can visit that location and have the school photos taken. Heirloom Portraits Inc. does not offer retakes in remote locations. 

Can the students wear green even though the pictures are being taken with green screen technology? 

Heirloom Portraits Inc. uses chromakey green backgrounds, allowing us to offer a variety of backgrounds for school photos. If a child does decide to wear green, the technology can differentiate between the subject’s clothes and the green background. In some rare instances the proof will not represent this, but all finished products will be adjusted correctly. 

What if I didn’t return my order(s) to the school in time for the deadline? 

If you miss the deadline date, you can order online with your webcode or simply mail your order and payment directly to our office at:  

Heirloom Portraits Inc. 
P.O. Box 36071
Talbot Village PO
London, ON
N6P 0C4

Please include an additional $10.00 late fee along with your payment and order form(s). 

If you are mailing more than one order, you only pay one late fee for all orders mailed to the same address. You may also order your school photos by phone or email if you if you wish to pay by credit card. You may also order online if you have a webcode. 

I found an order form for school photos that were taken in a previous year. May I still order the package? 

Yes. The images are kept on file for five years. Please include the late fee with your order. If you do not have the proof order form, there is $20 archive fee to retrieve the images from our archive.

Can I order more pictures after I’ve already sent my order form in?

Absolutely. Just contact our customer service department (1-800-263-0946) and you may place your order over the phone. Orders are processed immediately with credit card payments. If you wish to mail us a money order, the order will be processed as soon as payment is received

I received a call from Heirloom Portraits saying my payment was not accepted. What do I have to do? 

In such a case, we ask you to call our customer service department and supply us with an alternative payment. 

What about copyright release on my child’s portraits? 

All images are the property of Heirloom Portraits and may not be photocopied, scanned or reproduced without our written consent. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-263-0946 EXT 22

To learn more, call us toll-free at 1-800-263-0946.

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