Creating a Yearbook can be a Team Effort

Desktop Only

In order to have multiple people working on the same yearbook, it is necessary to create different files for each user. However, only one person is allowed to have the student portrait database and only that person will be able to flow portraits. The book with the portraits is considered to be the Master book. This is the book that you will be merging all of the other books into. Every other book is a Satellite book.

EZBook may be installed on as many computers as you wish. Each installation will work separately until the Satellite book is finished. At that point, the Satellite book needs to be merged into the Master book. When creating the Satellite books, you should create them with only the number of pages that will actually be completed in the Satellite.

Refer to the Instruction Manual for step-by-step instructions in creating the portrait flow, candid pages and cover. Remember to save the yearbook file. You can do this by going to the File menu and choosing Save. Keep a second backup copy up your files on a separate drive or flash drive each time you make changes!

Online Only

Once we have received your Yearbook Sign-Up Form, you will receive an e-mail with the job number and a link to download the software. You may have unlimited people working on the book at the same time. The yearbook advisor may restrict users from being able to edit pages though the account administration webpage.

Export and Final Steps

Sending Your Yearbook to Print

Once you have created your yearbook, you are just a few easy steps away from delivering it for printing.

Generate a PDF file and print a copy of your yearbook. Get as many people as you can involved in the proofing process. Have the teachers proof the pages that pertain to their students and make all corrections.

Export the completed yearbook. The export wizard will give you instructions and identifies errors. Correct the errors and proceed with the export.

Complete the Production Form and submit it to your Heirloom Portraits Inc. contact by fax or e-mail.

An invoice will be generated once the production form is received. A 75% deposit is due with the submission of the book. The balance is due upon delivery of the books.

Desktop Only

You should obtain a PDF file and an exported file for publishing (which has and .ezx extension). If you have created a cover with the program, you will also need to save a PDF of the cover proof.

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